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Thomas Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy

Sarah Thomas graduated from the University of Florida in 1980 with a BS in Physical Therapy. Together with husband, Randy, she owns and operates Thomas Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy in Daytona Beach.

With both Randy and Sarah clinically active, there’s always something interesting going on at the clinic. They are known for their special events and workshops, which allow each to share their knowledge with the community on topics they are passionate about. Low Back Pain, Headaches, Knee Pain, and especially Post Mastectomy workshops often fill the special events calendar.

Sarah has a special interest in treating breast cancer survivors and posturally related syndromes. From 1989 through 1998, Sarah was a national continuing education instructor for the McConnell Patello-femoral Treatment program which focused on Lower Extremity alignment disorders. She has been dedicated to providing community education programs on this and many other subjects throughout the community to the general public, professional groups, and onsite ergonomic training programs.

She is currently the membership director of NCW, and has been a member since 2003. She’s also our unofficial photographer, and does an excellent job. Sarah enjoys reading, hiking, gardening and traveling with her family.