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Several nations such as Australia , Canada , the Netherlands , Norway , the UK and the United States make special exceptions in their gun laws for antique firearms. The threshold is pre in Canada, pre in the United States, and pre in Australia. Some countries like England exempt certain antiques but they do not set a specific threshold year. Single-shot or double-barrel muzzleloading firearms manufactured before January 1, , are considered antique firearms in all States of Australia, and can be legally purchased, used and owned.

Victoria and Queensland do not require people to have a licence for them. Cartridge-loading firearms manufactured prior to January 1, , may or may not be considered “antique”, depending on the commercial availability of ammunition. For example, a Martini—Enfield rifle manufactured in would NOT be considered antique in any state of Australia, as it is chambered in.

Conversely, firearms manufactured after January 1, , are not considered antiques, even if they are replicas of antique firearms such as modern reproductions of black-powder guns , or if ammunition is no longer commercially available such as the Arisaka Type 38 Rifle. All muzzleloading black-powder firearms are free to sale and possess, new or old. All kinds of mobile i. For example, the Webley Mk I qualifies as an antique firearm in Canada because it was manufactured prior to and was designed to use Webley.

These revolvers were used by both the police and the military in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and are now sought-after examples of antique Canadiana. The threshold for antique status being one year earlier than in the United States is a minor source of confusion for antique gun collectors and dealers in North America.

Czech Arms Act considers historic firearms as category D weapons, [12] therefore freely available to persons over 18 years of age. Historic weapon is defined as a ” firearm manufactured at latest on December 31, , and also all its main parts were manufactured no later than December 31, “. Ammunition for such weapons can legally be acquired under the same conditions.

In Finland, black-powder weapons manufactured before are exempt from licensing requirements, unless they are actually used for shooting. The Ministry of the Interior has authority to issue secondary legislation to release other kinds of historically valuable antique firearms from licensing requirements. Rifles, shotguns, revolvers, pistols and combination-firearms designed and destined to be loaded with:. Rifles, shotguns and pistols not being revolvers designed and destined to be loaded with cartridges of which the propellant consists of black powder or only priming compound, except rimfire cartridges in caliber.

Artillery pieces designed and destined to be loaded with loose projectiles and black powder, loose or in bagcharges. The exemption mentioned in points c, d and e only applies to weapons produced before January 1, Please note that point c.

Only the obsolete ignition system of the cartridge is the deciding factor. Point d. Specific types of weapons are mentioned in the law. That means that the exemption does not apply to other types of weapons. A pinfire rifle may be free but a pinfire trapgun is not, a muzzleloading cannon from the American civil war is free but a Gatling model is not.

In a new Norwegian firearms law re-defined an “antique” as any black powder firearm produced before , or one that is chambered in a caliber the Crown Norwegian Department of Justice considers obsolete. Firearms manufactured before that are separately loaded not using cartridges and replicas of such weapons, do not require a license. I have a copy of Henry Noel Humphries, ed.

One page is free from the binding but it is otherwise very good condition. Can you please give an idea of the value? Kathryn, This book is not something we would handle at auction. Most were not bought as collector items, I think. Perhaps Mssr. Lomax was a real character, or perhaps a fictitious name inscribed by an ambitious book dealer.

Nothing against any book dealers, by the way. Tonson and S. Book is in excellent shape. However, it has a fake dust jacket marked Facsimile Dust Jackets L. Should I try to sell it with or without the fake cover? What is an estimated value either way? Green cover with gold emboss. Copyright by Houghton, Mifflin and Co. Boston and New York Riverside press Cambridge. It has been stored in a musty basement for years.

Two of the volumes appear to be signed. I plan to donate these to the Poetical Society, but would like to know what their value might be? The pages appear to be all there and I can see only one handwritten pencil note on the inside—in German.

This copy of Das Kapital is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. I have the following books : Robert Schuller 18 Volume Collectible set. The works of zane grey volume hardcover set. Also, is there a place where I can sell these books? Should I approach an auction house with the books and ask for valuation?

These sets of books are not something we would handle at auction. Signature and date of on owners page. Second story in book is Agnes Grey. Good condition with some worn edges. Thanks Anne. Anne — This copy of Wuthering Heights is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. This book has been donated to the Newseum but have always been curious about its potential among collectors.

Kennedy with a personal greeting to my uncle who was a friend of the family. This was given as a gift at the time of its publishing.

Joseph — This book is not something we would handle at auction. I have a first edition copy of Midnight Weddings by Mrs.

Meeke, which I hear is very rare, published London, by T. It has the publisher stamp in the front of the book, the pages are readable, the cover is a bit old and worn. James — This book is not something we would offer at auction.

The older books are signed I followed her around book fairs in the 70s and 80s. I am interested in an evaluation of my collection for estate purposes.

I am also interested in selling the duplicates I have and possibly the entire collection. Can you help me or refer me to a source that can?

All have their dust jackets which are protected with sleeves and the books have been in climate comtrolled storage for some years. I have been out of that loop for some time and have lost touch with my contacts. Thank You…Sam. Hi Sam, This collection is not something we would offer at auction. Revell Company, copyright All pages intact.

Judy — This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. Kelly — This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. I have 12 books published in of Shakespeare.

They are leatherbound I think, and in very good condition considering the age. Are these worth anything more than sentimental value? Hi Kim — No, these book are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction. Publisher E. No dust jacket. Covers are a dark tan with black printing. I do plan to sell it but have no idea of value. Thanks so much. Love your site. Thank you so much for your helpful response to my question about the book I have.

Very much appreciated!! I have the bible designed to be read as living literature the old and new testaments in the king James version Arranged and edited by Ernest Sutherland Bates. Copyright by Simon and Schuster, inc. Conley Company, Publishers, Gregory — Your bible and copy of Poems of Passion are both not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction.

Wondering about: 1. These old books are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction. Before posting a comment here, please look for your book on a used book website: abebooks , alibris , biblio , addall. To get an idea of the types of books Skinner offers at auction, browse our past auction catalogs. New Edition and illustrated.

Translated from French to English in Two Volumes in one. Translated from the french of M. Arnault and C. Thank you for your time. Colleen — This book is not something we would handle at auction. I have a number of late 19th century books that are in excellent condition with decoratively etched covers, most with gilded bars for the title. Is there a market for these books and how would I learn more about them? Hi Sally, These 19th century books are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction.

You may be able to find out more about your books on the following websites: abebooks , alibris , biblio , addall.

In the bibliography for it said that there were limited edition copies made, how can I tell its that one? The only images I can find on the web are the exact same only 2 but do not specify. William, This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. Please give me some idea of it s value.

Doug, This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. Are any of these worth a substantial figure? They are in fabulous condition with slim leather covers.

These books and encyclopedias are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction. Josh, These two books are not of high value. Could you tell me the possible value of the following book: Dali, Max Gerard, Editor, cloth binding with gold foil dust jacket, illustrations, Published by Harry Abrams.

Excellent condition. Blanche, This book is not something we would handle at auction. Hello, I have found an old Dickens Oliver Twist that does not have a date but has Lupton Publishing Co New York as the publisher—It has a green hard back cover and has Federal book co on the bottom outside on binding. I cannot find a copy on Abe books or Amazon.

Meri, Thanks for the comment. I have 3 books that are dated back mid s mark Twain Christian science it was copyrighted in from Harpers and brothers publishers with a signature from T. Ewing in it. The second book is the pioneers and patriots or America by John S. Abbott it has a signature and date on it from it was published by Dodd and mead in and the sparrowgrass papers by Frederic S.

Cozzens dated back to and has signature and date on it all from the old feather and ink on it looking to see what they are worth. David, These books are not of high value. Hello, your dictionary is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. I am having trouble with a book that I was hoping you could help with.

The book has no date but says it is the complete and unabridged edition and has pages. On the cover Cristo is spelled Christo. It does have a couple of problems, the cloth on the top and bottom of the spine is a little worn and the binding is coming apart to the point that the first few pages are almost falling out. Any help you can give me is much appreciated, Thanks. Charles — This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction.

Adia, To find out what your Zane Grey books may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure.

Hi Joanne, These old books are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction. Published by Canton Press in just after the factory was built. It is signed buy the original owner of the book in the first book not on title page. All tissue paper in front of photos are intact.

They are in pretty good shape, with one page folded in half down the center. They there are old fingerprint throughout the books, but all pages seam intact and together. Slight wear on cover. There are obvious ink fades, missing letters and smears as well. What can you tell me about these books and what are they worth? Pellico, Copyright I understand this is his previously unprinted biographical accounts from prison. Printed in Paris France.

Funk and Wagnalls New York and London. I have carefully reviewed the list of books you sent. Thank you for taking the time to compile this information. Many of us select and accumulate books, fewer collect like a bibliomaniac. The best course of action is probably to call in a generalist, who buys houses full of books just like yours. These J. Fenimore Cooper books are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction. You may be able to find out more about their value on a used book website: abebooks , alibris , biblio , addall.

I have a 2nd edition of Marlowe. Cambridge, Mass. A All pages are intact, no tears, little wear on cover. Real good condition for age. I have a collection of Shakespeare books 38 of them , copyright date of by the University Society. Am wondering if they are worth anything. I have several books Old Yeller hardback library of congress Robin Hood hardback.

Dee, These books are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction. I have a book called historical register containing An Impartial Relation of all Transactions, Foreing and Domestic with a Chronological Diary and this is the original volume 3 for the year and is printed by H.

M and fold by T. Norris and it is really old book and hard to read. I just wanted to know if it worth anything. Flora, To find out what your antique book may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. Hi…Wonderful Site. I have found a book from my Great grandfathers collection which I find interesting. Each page has a red, thin lined border around it.

It also has gold Guilded page edges. Thank You…. Steven, This book of Robert Burns poems is not something we would handle at auction. I have a brown leather book by Irving Knickerbocker. Titled History of New York from the Beginning of the world to the end of the dutch dynasty authors revised edition. It says only copys made. Can you please tell me what its worth? Two series on on, with illustrations in photography from pictures by T. Dicksee and W. Herrick, and Steel Portrates from I would also like to know what its worth please.

Natalie, Thanks for the comment. Blackmore with Illustrations by Frank T. Merrill written in Both books are in good shape. Thank you for any information you might be able to give me. It says lenox july 15, Published at h.

The book does not have a dust sleeve but is in very good shape. Is it worth anything? Mandy, This is a later edition, circa Richardson, M. Published by The Commonwealth Fund, This book is red withgold embossing on the spine and a gold circle with a elephant and swastika on the cover. Pittsburgh, Pa.

Feniomre cooper, NY , no cover Speeking pieces for little scholars and older pupils, Ellin peck, Boston , no cover ford v-8 car and trucks, By victor page NY , no cover where the red fern grows, By willson rawls, NY, , co cover bethlehem structural shapes, a week by themselves, By emilia norris, ny, no date, no cover Maine beautiful, wallace nutting, Massachusetts, , no cover the history of the town of bowdoinham , By silac adams, Maine , no cover dangerous days, by mary rineharnt, ny, , no cover the girlscouts rally, By kathryn gult, , no cover heart of the sunset, by rex beach, ny, , no cover the ramrodders, holman day, ny, , no cover the pride of palomar, by peter kyne, ny, , no cover the valley of the giants, by peter kyne, ny, , no cover the rider of golden bar, by william patterson white, boston, , no cover the thundering herd, zayne grey, ny, 1st adition.

Cammie, These books are not valuable, just the regular old books that people have to read. Please note that books with no covers from the 19th and 20th centuries are of little to no value, even if they may have some value in good condition.

For an idea about what kinds of books end up in a rare book auction, check out our most recent catalog , from the June first auction. I have a book that I would like to sell but have no idea of value. Hardcover dark brown with black printing and design on front cover.. I have a couple sets I am wondering about the worth of: 1.

Crowell Company, New York, copyright Peale and J. Holly, These books are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction. I recently picked up a manuscript titled Autobiography of Erastus Johnson later published in Autobiography of Erastus Johnson a chronicle of pioneer life on the east coast and the west coast. The manuscript is in great condition and has pencil corrections throughout and author notes typed making reference to a second manuscript printed for the authors daughter however after contacting a descendant and learning what she had found in her genealogy research and the interest herself and members of the society bearing the families name had for obtaining the editions I need to seek a professional opinion.

St Louis Mo. The author mentions his last visit to his family in St. Louis Mo. Where many of his immediate family are laid to rest. The University of Berkeley in California has the manuscript from and Edward Copenhagen of Harvard special collections showed some interest in obtaining it. I know that it is probably only valuable to a descendant however there is definitely an interest.

Here is a partial list of what we found:. Comstock, M. Familiar Quotations, Bartlett, H. Caldwell, Publishers New York and Boston, unknown publishing date. Sumptibus Et Typis B. Bell and Sons, Ltd, Hart, Paul A. Samuelson, Donald H. XL, No. Thank you for the comment. These are not books we would offer at auction. The books that are parts of sets volume VIII only, etc. Burt Company, publisher. There are a few others that may be of value but these struck me as the most likely.

In most cases, books without imprint dates are later reprints. Rollo on the Rhine is a five volume set, and as a complete set has some value in the first edition Boston: W. Reynolds, , in good condition. After seeking many avenues, I have only found a few red leather books by the same publisher, however they have different covers in the fact that the gold lettering and design on the binding exterior edge of the book has more design and lettering varies.

All are published by Award Books Inc. New York, N. I have been unable to find any documentation on the publisher or dates of printing. All pages are present and in great shape, the bindings of both books however have let go for the most part. It was published by Thomas Y. It is leather bound and in very good condition.

Please let me know where i can find out the value of these and other books that i have. These books are likely not of high value. And on the cover page is an inscription, which either seems to be a love poem or poem with the authors signature- it is handwritten in the Lithuanian language and is very difficult to interpret. I am Very Curious and intrigued. Any Thoughts? Thank you in advance for any help Laurie. Laurie, Thanks for the comment. All of the volumes are a burgundy color -and are in very good condition They were my grandparents — can you give me an idea of their value?

Kathy, These Harvard Classics are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction. Your insight would be appreciated. Paula, This copy of Alice in Wonderland is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. It has a broken spine single split but all the pages are there. What might this book be worth? Should I get the spine repaired or leave it as is?

Thank you very much. This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. I came across an antique leather bound Jane Eyre C. Bront book but it is in French. I am unable to locate a copyright anywhere on it. Redon Et J. Kelly, Thanks for the comment. Do you have any comment? Thank you in advance. Please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure.

Published by Charles L. Just wondering if it is of any value. Lance, This edition of Huckleberry Finn is not something we would handle at auction. Third Edition, revised and enlarged.

Philadelphia: W. Saunders, Walnut Street. Edited by John M. Keating, M. Frederick A. Packard, M. Gardiner, M.

Also, can you recommend a good book restorer? These chisels are fully refurbished and checked to ensure they are fit for purpose. Our saws are fully reconditioned for use and have been thoroughly checked and sharpened so that all the hard work of getting a saw back to a very good standard has been done. Just like new saws they will only require freshening up on its next sharpening.

Vintage and Antique Woodworking Edge Tools many suitable for use and some so old they just belong in a collection or a museum. Reconditioned vintage electrical items are UK compatible and PAT tested by a qualified electrician to ensure all items are safe and ready to use.

Stylish appliances for the connoisseur antique collectors or those who simple want something completely different to what the highstreet offers. Prices reflect rarity and the work involved to bring them to market. On our travels we come across antiques and collectibles which are suitable for other collectors, why not check out our latest additions for sale.

These items are often great for photographers who want props and interior designers who wish to complete their masterpieces with something special. Join our newsletter to ensure you keep up to date with our stock that come in weekly, you know what they say about the early bird catching the worm well this is a sure way to achieve this. Check your inbox or spam folder now to confirm your subscription.

A smart investor buys when the prices are low and sells again when they are high. A smarter investor studies the subject to gain advantage and this knowledge can be very profitable. The antique tools market and demand for rare items has always been very buoyant, mainly due to interest and demand.

Hunting and finding rare old tools is very much a challenge but this also helps to keep prices buoyant.

Tooltique is based in Norwich and was established 30 years ago by my father. I guess dealing in old tools has been a bit of a calling which has now become a bit of an obsession.

Tools could be deemed the father of all things, without them everything that is man-made would be nothing more than an idea. Once man created tools it created those all important skilled workers who mastered them, the tradesman was born!

There has been an evolution of tools as with man himself, we use tools to make better tools that increase productivity. Somewhere in between there was an era where it was important how tools should be crafted and to what standards they should be created. Old Tools are collected for a number of reasons and each person collecting them generally has a connection or interest with a certain theme. Please see the auction calendar below for details of the upcoming auctions.

The auctions attract national and international interest, and we also hold world records for prices achieved on Royal Doulton, Beswick, Wade and Carlton Ware.

You can place a bid in person, online or by telephone. If you are looking to sell at auction then take a look at our valuations page for more details on how and when to submit items for auction. You can call us on for a live video call to view lots you are interested in or to book a time slot.


Peter Harrington Rare Books – First Edition Books, Signed, Inscribed & Collectibles

Quality Vintage Used Old Tools Professionally Refurbished ready for use. Investing in Antiques and Collectables A smart investor buys when the prices are low and sells again when they are high. A smarter investor studies the subject to gain advantage and this knowledge can be very profitable. The antique tools market and demand for rare. Secure payment methods make purchasing antique books online stress-free. You can search for hundreds of book titles on their easy to navigate website, and enter in search parameters if you’re looking for a particular antique book. one of the best sources of these antique books for sale UK collectors would covet. Some of the first edition. An engraved gem, frequently referred to as an intaglio, is a small and usually semi-precious gemstone that has been carved, in the Western tradition normally with images or inscriptions only on one face. The engraving of gemstones was a major luxury art form in the Ancient world, and an important one in some later periods.. Strictly speaking, engraving means carving in intaglio .


Antique firearms – Wikipedia.Cheltenham Rare Books • Buying/Selling Rare & Antique Books


Welcome to the web’s biggest Antique Fair diary. Browse our fair listings and antiques fairs dates. View future events and cancellations by Fair Organiser here. Fair organisers may Add a free listing. Please note. For complimentary Antique Fairs Tickets , see below or to browse all currently available tickets – click our free tickets page.

Friday, 1st April, Newark Antiques Fair is the perfect place to source antiques and vintage, including antique furniture, antique toys, antique jewellery, vintage clothing and much more. If you are looking to shop antiques then why not browse up to 2, stands selling everything from rare vinyl records to rare coins.

Held at the Newark and Nottinghamshire Showground on an enormous acre site, up to 2, stands attract thousands of dealers and buyers from around the globe every other month. Only two hours from London by road, 90 minutes by rail, and with East Midlands Airport less than an hour away, this is one of the most easily accessible of all UK antiques fairs.

Updated on 8th March Listing owner? Log in to update. The Bath Decorative Antiques Fair is famous around the world for being a source of well priced original and alluring decorative antiques, folk art and garden antiques with 40 exhibitors from across the UK.

A favourite event for both public and the trade. Public Opening: Friday 1st April 11am — 5pm. Saturday 2nd April 11am — 5pm. Sunday 3rd April 11am — 4pm. See photos from this fair A quality, stand-fitted dateline antiques and fine art fair with nationally know dealers selling a wide range of items to include town and country furniture, silver, porcelain, jewellery, antique and contemporary fine art, antiquarian maps and prints, glass, lighting, mirrors and many decorative items to furnish your home with style and elegance.

Open Updated on 24th November Entry free, excellent town-centre parking. If dates above run out please call to make sure fair is on. Organiser number is Admission Free. Updated on 31st March Saturday, 2nd April, We will also have a few sellers of vintage, retro and small handmade items. These Fairs help raise funds for the Church’s good causes around the world.

Disabled entrance and toilets. Hand sanitiser will need to be used upon entry which we will provide. We will also provide gloves for those who wish to wear them. Masks are to be worn see gov updates then please bring your own. Updated on 26th April Always worth a look, interesting items to suit every pocket and taste.

Adjacent car parking in Liston Road. Well worth a visit. Open 9am – 4pm. A popular antiques fair in the picturesque village of Astbury. A wide variety of items are offered by a friendly and experienced team of dealers with prices ranging from a few pounds to many hundreds. Up to 25 stalls with easy flat access to the hall, free car park and excellent catering.

Open 9. Free to Enys Garden Members on the Sunday. Children free. Members will be charged full price for admission on Saturday, but can enter for free on Sunday. Admission includes entry to Enys Gardens. Updated on 8th June Come and join us at Europes largest indoor market in the centre of Leeds. Free entry, assistance dogs only allowed. Open 10am – 4. This friendly and welcoming fair takes place the Llandeilo Civic Hall which lies in the centre of the town, opposite the main car park.

Doors open from 10am until 4pm. There is excellent catering provided. Valuations offered for silver and other items. Landline Mob Come and visit to browse and buy! Open 10am – 4pm. Updated on 14th February Midland fairs are held at Fentham Hall on the first Saturday of every month throughout the year.

It features 28 stalls with a wide range of Vintage, Retro, Antiques, Collectables, Militaria and much more. Hot and cold refreshments available throughout the day.

Free parking. Updated on 1st June Hope to be back for February fair. Two indoor halls packed with at least 50 stalls, 25 in each hall, dealers come in early morning. Two rooms full of artefacts and collectables and vintage.

There is free parking on the road at weekends. Food available. Updated on 9th February Stamps and Postcards Fair. Tea and Coffee, free car parking. Open: 10am – 4pm. Admission: Free. Confirmed January 1st fair running. We offer a wide range of Decorative, interesting and unusual items including good quality Furniture, Silver, Jewellery, Militaria, Motor memorabilia, Textiles and Books.

We will also buy. Approx 10 stands. Updated on 30th December. The Wealden Bazaar at Penshurst -open 10am – 3. Parking is in the village. WCs in the venue.

Updated on 11th February Sunday, 3rd April, The fantastic Swing singer, Steve Conway, will be performing throughout the day!

Free parking close to entrance and Wi-Fi. Close to M25, M23 and rail. Wheelchair access and facilities. Refreshments available. Dogs are allowed on a short lead. The Woking fair returns. Major Advertising campaign, AA signposting.

Updated on 8th February Each month we have around 30 stallholders selling a wide variety of antiques and collectables, memorabilia, postcards, stanhopes, medical, cameras, toys, books, maps etc. Open 10am to 3. Early trade 9am. Please contact organiser on to confirm event is on in before travelling.


Antique book collectors uk free. Estimation Antique books valuations

Roger Collicott Books. Secundum consuetudinem ecclesiae parisiensis. Visit us in: London, United Kingdom One of the world’s oldest boook best-known firms of booksellers, Bernard Quaritch Ltd has been dealing in rare books and manuscripts of all periods and in all subjects since Online lists are issued regularly. We also welcome mail order and internet customers.


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